Your island getaway awaits you

Right at this moment, you are only one airplane trip and a sea plane or speed boat transfer away from your very own island getaway in the Maldives.

The average temperature sits at a sun-striking 31⁰ C (88⁰ F), the ocean water feels refreshing (30⁰C/86⁰F), the sands are as white as pearl, the turquoise lagoons are inviting and fascinating, and you are free to explore any of the options below:

  • Diving in the coral reefs or deep water 
  • Water sports of all kinds
  • Activities and exotic cuisine
  • Watching dolphins
  • Spa days
  • Island hopping

An itinerary customized by the experts, not the guidebooks

We listen carefully to everything you tell us about what you want. Then, using our extensive background we are able to suggest entertaining must-see activities, as well as delectable and luxurious indulgences that add to the revery.

We are fully versed and knowledgeable in the details of all-inclusive packages and the menus at the resorts we recommend. Down to the smallest detail, we will help you make the right choices and build an itinerary filled with memories you’ll never forget!

We make your vacation to order for YOU – including budget and taste

Let us be your guides. We’ll help you go beyond your imagination to put together the perfect island getaway.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the wonder of an extraordinary itinerary crafted just for you.
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