Resort Islands

Experts in every luxury resort details

With a strong understanding of the standards of each resort, we are able to inform you of everything that is included in the All-Inclusive packages at each resort, and which side of each island has the best views and the best access to the water.

We can advise you which islands have house reefs or wide clear lagoons, and the privacy level of each villa type. Our carefully chosen selection of resorts is based on consistent quality and positive guest experiences. We have narrowed it down to the top 15 luxury resorts in all of Maldives.

The end result is your complete and utter satisfaction and no worries of booking anything below your standards.

"The best part? Every detail of your itinerary is 100% bespoke. We completely customize your trip so you truly get a unique experience that no one else will be able to replicate."

Additionally, unlike other travel agencies, we are always available locally when you arrive -- and therefore we invite you to call us any time!

The customization and tailored experience you get through Leisure Mood is unlike anything else.

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