Maldives Honeymoon

Paradise On Earth – Made For Two

The Maldives are the closest thing to heaven on Earth in the entire world. The average temperature here is 29⁰ Celsius (84⁰ F) and the water averages 30⁰ C (86⁰ F).

There are over 1,000 islands in the Maldives, surrounded by magnificent white sand and crystal clear turquoise lagoons of exquisitely warm water. To say it’s romantic and picturesque would be an understatement.

While you’re here in the Maldives with your new husband or wife, you’ll be able to experience one-of-a-kind adventures you will remember for a lifetime – such as underwater restaurants, dolphin watching, scuba diving, water sports, and ocean views that will take your breath away.

You want to enjoy complete relaxation of mind, body and soul

Let us take care of the rest

No matter where you stay in the Maldives, we’re here to make sure you enjoy yourselves. With 15 luxury resorts to choose from, we’ll give you an inside perspective to choose the one that truly speaks to you and your partner.

That’s why Leisure Mood guides you through the entire process with deep insight into every detail - all the way down to how long you are going to wait for your sea plane or speed boat transfer at the airport upon arrival.

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Resort Islands

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Scuba Diving

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